Chain Vapez Gravity Twin Pack Ejuice


Gravity Ejuice by Chain Vapez brings the light and airy flavor of chewy bubblegum, infused with juicy watermelon and sweet grapes! Youll be blowing sweet clouds of chewy watermelon and grape gum flavor with every puff! Let your vape taste buds lift-off into that great big cloud in the sky! Brand: Chain Vapez / Bottle Size: 120ml(2x60ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Chain Vapez Gravity Twin Pack Ejuice Description Bang, zoom! Were going to the moon, thanks to this delicious new flavor of watermelon and grape bubblegum e-juice from Chain Vapez! We jumped on a space ship and shot into hyperdrive to the rings of Nolemretaw, where sweet and delicious watermelons orbited the planet instead of meteors! Using our spaceships forceps, we snagged as many juicy melons as our cargo bay could hold! Each sweet melon rind gleamed a brilliant emerald in the light of the moon, but that green was nothing compared to the juicy sweet red of the watermelon flesh! But we didnt stop with just watermelons…we had one more stop on our trip through space. We warped off to the island of Separg, where clusters of juicy grapes floated around the planet like stars. These lush purple grapes were packed into our cargo hold next to the watermelons, and we headed for home! But just before we entered the earths atmosphere, we had to pass by the planet of Mugelbbub. The pull of gravity was simply too strong and our ship was pulled towards the planet. We were able to escape with our emergency pods, but the fruits became one with the bubblegum, and we never saw our sweet watermelons and juicy grapes again! But thanks to this eliquid, we can enjoy these galactic watermelons and grapes wrapped up in a chewy bubblegum ejuice called Gravity Ejuice by Chain Vapez!