Cheap E-Juice Coconut Cake Ejuice


Coconut Cake Ejuice by Cheap E-Juice features a freshly baked coconut caked, stuffed with toasted coconut shavings and drizzled with a sticky coconut icing. This rich moist coconut cake infuses your clouds with a rich and warm flavor that keeps those persistent sweet tooth cravings at bay! Brand: Cheap E-Juice / Bottle Size: 60ml & 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cheap E-Juice Coconut Cake Ejuice Description Prepare to sink your teeth into a soft and warm slice of freshly baked coconut cake, topped with freshly shaved coconut and drizzled with a coconut glaze (imported specially from the Caribbean!). Youll forget youre vaping an eliquid as your nostrils are engulfed in a cloud of sweet-smelling deliciousness, transporting you to a bakery with rows and rows of sweet moist cake lining the walls for your vaping delight! Softened butter, pure cane sugar, beaten eggs, and creamy milk are blended together to form a sweet and sticky cake batter. Freshly shaved coconut is sprinkled in and delivers a rich and tropical flavor to the cake batter. A round cake pan is greased and the sticky batter is poured in, ready for the oven! This delicious cake bakes to a delicious golden brown and is whisked from the oven and set to cool on the kitchen windowsill. Once the cake is cool enough, a thick and sticky coconut frosting is slathered over every inch of the cake, presenting a delicious and mouthwatering dessert. As a finishing touch, the remaining coconut shavings are sprinkled over the coconut frosting to ensure a blast of coconut in every cloud! For dessert and coconut lovers everywhere, Coconut Cake by Cheap Ejuice is one flavor you wont want to miss!