Cloud Nurdz Iced Grape Strawberry Ejuice


Grape Strawberry Ejuice by Cloud Nurdz Iced is an icy version of the original Grape Strawberry craziness in a bottle brought to you by Cloud Nurdz. Icy green apples gushing with frozen flavor are engulfed in a snowy swarm of frosty strawberries, causing a magical eliquid reaction rarely found in nature. Try a bottle of this mentholated fruit vape and never go back to whatever your previous ADV (all-day vape) was! Brand: Cloud Nurdz Iced / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio:70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets, Fruit, Menthol Cloud Nurdz Iced Grape Strawberry Ejuice Description Treat your vape taste buds to a sweet and snowy handful of frozen shards of rock candy, flavored with flash-frozen fruits for a cloud of icy strawberries and chilly Concord grapes! These frosty grapes were harvested from snow-covered vineyards, the finest that Italy had to offer! Clusters of frozen grapes were roughly stripped from the vine and shipped to our Nurdz Cloud Factory, where these chilly grapes were smashed into cold and pure grape juice! Next, we have a snow-covered field of strawberry plants, weighted down with icy strawberries that gleam in the winter sun. These frosty berries were hurriedly plucked and whisked away to the Nurdz Cloud Factory, where the stems and leaves are removed from the icy berries, leaving sweet and frosty strawberries that are ready for thawing! Both the frozen grapes and chilly strawberries are crushed into a thick and snowy compote, where a rousing blend of frozen fruits await your taste buds! This frosty grape and strawberry blend gets blasted into a solid rock candy wall, allowing snowy chunks of the wall to break off and fuse with the sweet and icy grape strawberry juice! Freeze your vape taste buds with a crunchy iced fruit cloud of frozen rock candy shards, and let loose in a snowy cloud that fruit, menthol, and candy lovers alike will love!