Cloud Nurdz Salt Grape Apple Ejuice


Grape Apple Ejuice by Cloud Nurdz Salt presents a delightful crunchy blend of sugared rock candy, sweetened with the juice of a thousand grapes and a hundred orchard ripe apples! Feast on the best of both the candy and fruit world, thanks to this delicious eliquid blend! Brand: Cloud Nurdz / Bottle Size: 30mL / Ratio:70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets, Fruit, Nicotine Salt Cloud Nurdz Salt Grape Apple Ejuice Description Get ready to geek out on one of your favorite childhood sweets, now available in eliquid form! Chow down on crunchy rocky candy, coated with the sweet juice of exotic concord grapes and crisp October apples! Thousands of plump and juicy concord grapes were poured into a huge circular vat, where iron-wrought anvils are slammed down to crush every ounce of juice from these sweet grapes! Next, bushels of freshly picked apples are brought in from nearby orchards, the crisp fall fruit ready and waiting to infuse delicious October flavor in every cloud! These delicious apples are peeled, cored, and dumped into a second large circular vat, where stomping machines crush the apples into thick and chunky applesauce! Both the grape juice and applesauce are flung together into a rock candy vault, where electric zappers shoot the fruit juice into the hard candy and cause an explosion of tiny pebbles to rain upon your taste buds! Feast on a cloud of crunchy hard candy, flavored with fresh apples and juicy grapes in every puff. Take advantage of this delicious fruit and candy eliquid, and blast your vape taste buds into sweet oblivion, thanks to Grape Apple Ejuice by Cloud Nurdz Salt!