Colors Gold Ejuice


Gold Ejuice by Colors features a bowlful of grandmas favorite candies: golden crunchy shaped butterscotch ovals! Enjoy the sweet treat as this eliquid melts in your mouth to transform into smooth and creamy clouds that burst with fresh butterscotch in every breath! Brand: Colors / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 60/40 / Flavor Type: Sweets Colors Gold Ejuice Description Legend has it that mystical vape pirates sailed with a heaping load of gold coins, fresh butter, and aged scotch towards their secret lair, but as they neared the Bermuda Triangle, the entire ship disappeared in a whirling storm, and none of the pirates were ever heard from again. Strangely enough, the ship was found on an abandoned coastline, with nothing on board but an enormous load of decadently gold, smooth and creamy, fresh butterscotch. This incredible flavor has lasted for many a gusty wind and even more treacherous storms, only to be carefully bottled to preserve the rich flavor within each puff. While the legend may not be true, this flavor is nearly to good to be true! Enjoy a sweet and sticky cloud of flavor, featuring the smooth flavor of melted butter, sticky caramel, and bold scotch. Unwrap a handful of these smooth and buttery caramels and feel the sweetness nearly dissolve on your tongue with every delicious puff. Caramel flavors dont come around that often, but when they do, you know its got to be named after the gold! Feast on the rich and decadent flavor of creamy butterscotch as you sail into a cloud of buttery flavor that your vape taste buds will swoon for!