Cream Monster The Carter Ejuice


The Carter Ejuice by Cream Monster delivers a heaping bowl full of freshly sliced kiwis, green and sweet, alongside a heaping pile of wild mixed berries! The entire fruit bowl gets covered with a layer of fluffy whipped cream and set before you to offer the perfect cloud of bursting enjoyment! Brand: Cream Monster / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Cream Monster The Carter Ejuice Description The Carter Ejuice brings together a bold and flavorful dessert that your vape taste buds are sure to enjoy: fruits and cream! First up in this delicious fruit blend are hundreds of ripe kiwis! These tangy fruits are relieved of their furry brown skins to reveal a lush emerald green fruit, bursting with sweet juice and delicious flavor. The now naked kiwis are cut into thick sliced and layered in a large bowl. Next comes a wave of wild berries! Tart blueberries, sweet raspberries, sun-kissed strawberries, and plump blackberries are picked fresh from a nearby forest, ready to delight your vape taste buds with a burst of berry-liscious flavor! The kiwis and berries are then covered with a generous helping of freshly whipped cream and topped with a sprinkling of pure cane sugar for a dreamy fruit and cream dessert! Tantalize your taste buds with this delectable eliquid, all while satisfying your cravings for something sweet. Cream Monster has created a flavor with ordinary fruits and plain cream, transforming something simple into a culinary masterpiece! Lose yourself in a rousing blend of delicious fruits and frothy cream for a cloud that overwhelms your sense with sweet, fruity and creamy goodness in every puff!