Dinner Lady Rice Pudding with Jam Ejuice


Rice Pudding with Jam Ejuice by Dinner Lady features a unique yet highly sought-after dessert eliquid that you cant knock until you try! Smooth and buttery rice pudding nearly melts in your mouth, followed by a heaping spoonful of raspberry jam for a burst of berry flavor! Brand: Dinner Lady / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Dinner Lady Rice Pudding with Jam Ejuice Description Heaps of pure Japanese rice are poured into a bubbling pot of creamy milk, hot and ready to infuse the rice with a thick and creamy flavor. Several scoops of pure cane sugar are poured on top of the sticky rice and sweet cream to ensure a burst of sweetness. Finally, a dash of Tahitian vanilla is tipped into the pot to infuse the rice pudding with a deep and rich flavor of sweet exotic goodness. The entire rice pudding is moved to low heat, where it simmers to a sticky sweetness. Now, for the sweet raspberry jam! Thousands of these delicious shy berries were gathered from their brambles, sweet and soft and ready to deliver a pop of sweet fruit to your taste buds! These berries are crushed into a thick chunky compote, swirled with sweet sugar, and set on low heat to bubble and boil into a sweet raspberry jam! Sticky rice pudding and fresh raspberry jam unite in this mouthwatering flavor. A full bowl of rice pudding is carefully ladled from the pot, sending out steaming tendrils of freshly made dessert! A thick spoonful of raspberry jam is lovingly layered onto the pudding, infusing the entire dessert with a rich and fruity flavor!