Fixx-E Liquid Milky Shake Ejuice


Milky Shake by Fixx-E Liquid lets you lose yourself in a whirlwind of a delicious milkshake and puff on thick and creamy goodness! Triple churned vanilla ice cream, cold fresh cream, and sun-kissed strawberries are sure to make your taste buds sing! Bran: Fixx-E Liquid / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Dessert Fixx-E Liquid Milky Shake Ejuice Description Prepare to sip on a freshly blended milkshake that promises to bring all the boys to the yard! First up in this milkshake madness, scoops of triple churned vanilla ice cream are plopped into the blender. Each scoop is doused in rich creamy milk, cold and sweet and refreshing. Once the ice cream is coated with the fresh cream, a heaping pile of fresh fruit is added. You guessed it, sunkissed strawberries! These fresh fruits have been rushed in from the berry farm, tender and juicy and full of summer flavor! These sweet berries have been sliced into thick and juicy slivers, ready to be layered in with the milk and ice cream. All thats left to do is to press the “Blend” button, and voila! A culinary masterpiece, featuring a rich and creamy milkshake layered with creamy vanilla ice cream, cold and frothy milk, and summer sweet strawberries! Take a leap into a sweet cloud of delicious refreshment and beat the summer heat with a tall glass of freshly blended strawberry milkshake! Youll forget youre vaping an eliquid as your nostrils are engulfed in a cloud of sweet-smelling deliciousness, transporting you to a soda shoppe with rows and rows of freshly blended shakes!