Flawless BFB Mini Straight Outta The Toaster Ejuice


BFB Mini Straight Outta The Toaster Ejuice by Flawless lets you munch on a freshly toasted strawberry strudel, drizzled with sweet icing and topped with freshly sliced strawberries! If you absolutely adore this flavor and cant seem to get enough of it, check out our whopping 240mL bottle here! ??????Brand: Flawless / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Flawless BFB Mini Straight Outta The Toaster Ejuice Description We all remember those delightful toaster strudel breakfasts, the one with a tiny bag of icing that never seemed to drizzle the same way as the commercial did, resulting in a big mess of sweet white icing and warm toaster strudel. Now Flawless has crafted the exact same flavor in Ejuice form. Munch on a freshly made strudel, complete with flaky layers of buttery softness. That first bite reveals a warm and gooey center of sugary strawberry jam, made with freshly picked wild strawberries and a generous helping of pure cane sugar. Once the toaster strudel has popped from the toaster, it gets drizzled with a thin rope of gooey vanilla icing, dripping from end to end with sugary sweetness. But don??????t stop now…thin slivers of ripe strawberries are gently placed on top of the strudel to ensure you get a well-rounded flavor of fresh strawberries, just brimming with summer sunshine. Indulge in nostalgic memories of sweet toaster strudel breakfasts with a cold glass of milk and fresh strawberries. Rich creamy flavors waft over you in delectable puffs, thanks to this outstanding flavor from Flawless. Keep your morning wake-and-vape sessions delicious and flavorful, with sweet and delicious strawberry strudel fresh outta the toaster!