Fresca Green Apple Lychee Pear Ejuice


About Fresca Green Apple Lychee Pear Ejuice The Fresca Eliquids Green Apple Lychee eJuice is a refreshingly crisp eJuice flavor with a smooth and sweet lychee finish. It starts with a mild tang that dances on your tongue before switching to soft tart notes that end on a deliciously sweet high. With its ripe and refreshing vapour, it??????s one of Frescas most flavorful and popular eJuices available and comes in 3MG, 6MG and 0MG nicotine strengths. Perfect for both regular vaping sessions with friends and a quick break during a rough work day, the subtly tart scent of green apple balances perfectly with the fruity and floral aroma of lychee to create an outstanding flavor combination that is sure to impress both experienced vapers and newcomers that are exploring different flavors. If you??????ve got a soft spot for deep and rich fruity flavors, then the Fresca Green Apple Lychee eJuice will impress you. Fresca Green Apple Lychee Pear Ejuice Details Brand: Fresca Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 75ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit Fresca??????s eJuices come in convenient 75ML bottles that have nozzle tips which makes it easy to refill your e-cigarette. It has a long-lasting flavor that is sure to keep you satisfied for long periods of time, lifting your vaping experience to a new level and offering an outstanding flavor profile that makes Fresca stand out as a premium eJuice brand that uses the finest ingredients.