Fresh Farms Barnyard Berry Ejuice


Barnyard Berry Ejuice by Fresh Farms features warm raspberries, summer strawberries, tart blackberries, and tangy lemons! Bring your berry cravings together with a lemon twist for a sweet and fruity all-day vape juice! This flavor brings all the berries to the yard, so make sure you step on up and get some of that fresh berry flavor today! Brand: Fresh Farms / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 65/35 / Flavor Type: Fruit Fresh Farms Barnyard Berry Ejuice Description Help yourself to a bushel of freshly picked berries, bursting with sweet and juicy fruit flavor! Our backyard barnyard sports a huge berry patch, filled with all the berries your heart desires! Silky raspberries are clustered together, their soft and sweet flavor just waiting to dance upon your taste buds. Juicy sunkissed strawberries gleam a deep ruby red in the heat of the midmorning sun. A single bite of these yummy berries will have your taste buds swooning with happiness. And finally, sultry blackberries offer a tart sweetness that brings all of the berries together. The dark blackberry juice stains your fingertips while caressing your taste buds, offering rich and sweet flavor in every bite. With all these berries, you might be tempted to blast off into berry overload, which is why Fresh Farms added a citrus twist! Fat slices of Meyer lemons have been soaked in sugar syrup for days, infusing a sweet and tart flavor to the berry bliss. This lemon flavor is prevalent in the exhale, allowing the rush of berry sweetness on the inhale to be softened with a kiss of citrus. Enjoy a lush blend of backyard berries swirled with a tart lemon flavor in every cloud, compliments of Barnyard Berry Ejuice by Fresh Farms!