Fruits By Dinner Lady Melon Twist Ejuice


Melon Twist Ejuice by Fruits By Dinner Lady features a unlikely fruit pairing of smooth honeydew melons and crisp green kiwis. Why has no one thought to do this before? The sweet and refreshing flavor of the honeydew compliments the tart and tangy flavor of ripe kiwis, creating a sweet fruit vape juice that you wont want to put down! Brand: Dinner Lady / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruits Fruits By Dinner Lady Melon Twist Ejuice Description Smooth and ripe honeydew melons are wrestled from their vines, each melon swollen to ripeness under the heat of the summer sun. Each melon gets sliced in half to reveal the juicy fruit within. The fruit is then scooped into fat spheres and plopped into a large bowl. Next, we have furry brown kiwis. Dont let the plain brown color fool you, because once you cut into the fruit, a deep emerald center is revealed. These kiwis are stripped of their fuzzy brown skins and carved into thick slices. The juice flows from these fruits like a waterfall, filling the air with their fragrance. And now the real fun can begin! We toss in the sweet melon spheres and the kiwi slices together, creating a sweet fruit bowl that makes your mouth water and your taste buds sing! On the inhale you get the crisp and watery flavor of the honeydew melons, while on the exhale you get the sweet and juicy flavor of the kiwis. Both of these fruits create a mean green eliquid machine, ready to spoil your taste buds with luscious flavor of ripe fruits. Enjoy a delightful all-day vape juice of sweet melons and ripe kiwis, compliments of Melon Twist by Fruits by Dinner Lady!