Gorilla Warfare .50 BMG Ejuice


.50 BMG Ejuice by Gorilla Warfare features thick juicy chunks of freshly cut pineapple and exotic slices of delicate dragonfruit! Lose yourself in a burst of fresh and juicy fruits that attack your taste buds with spears of pineapple slices and thick slices of sweet dragonfruit in every cloud! Brand: Gorilla Warfare / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Gorilla Warfare .50 BMG Ejuice Description In tactical warfare, a .50 BMG refers to a cartridge for a Browning machine gun. But in vaping terms, it means a party of fresh fruit in every cloud! Two exotic fruits run supreme in this masterpiece: sweet and fresh pineapple and exotic dragonfruit! First, we taste tart and tangy pineapples, transported from Brazil. These prickly fruits are carefully stripped of their spiny rind, revealing the stick and sweet flesh of the tropical fruit. Freshly sliced chunks of juicy pineapple glisten in the tropical sun, waiting to attack your vape taste buds with fresh and sweet flavor. Next, we have delicate dragonfruit, its ferocious name protecting it from ruthless extinction. Rich and hearty slices of dragonfruit offer refreshment to the parched throats of vapers far and wide on the battlefield of clouds. This fresh and flavorful eliquid concoction that is .50 BMG doesn??????t fight fair, and threatens an all-out war on your taste buds if you don??????t surrender to the indulgence of freshly picked fruit, sliced and diced for cloud warfare ammo! Satisfy your cravings for fresh fruit with clouds stuffed full of juicy and tangy pineapple paired with sweet and exotic dragonfruit, thanks to this aggressive fruit eliquid called .50 BMG by Gorilla Warfare!