Instincts Eliquid Grizzly Ejuice


Grizzly Ejuice by Instincts Eliquid has been one of the most sought-after dessert flavored Ejuices in the entire vaping industry. Warm cinnamon apples layered in a soft and sweet bread pudding present a decadent dessert for your vaping taste buds! Brand: Instincts Eliquid / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Instincts Eliquid Grizzly Ejuice Description What makes Grizzly Ejuice by Instincts so great? Unleash your inner beast with this roaring good flavor of lush bread pudding! Sweet and sultry apples are plucked from the orchard, bursting with fresh October fall flavor. These crisp fruits are cut into thick slices and layered in a bath of softened butter, freshly beaten eggs, and pure cane sugar. As the apples soak up the silky butter, sugar, and egg flavor, a generous helping of freshly shaved cinnamon gets sprinkled over the apples. Several slices of bread get cut up into squares and are folded in with the apples, followed by a hefty stream of richly flavored Tahitian vanilla. The whole mixture gets tossed and stirred to ensure an even coating all around. Finally, the mixture gets poured into a glass pan and baked to sweet bread and apple cinnamon perfection! Take your vape taste buds on a rich and flavorful of sweet and bold flavor, bursting with soft warm apples, crispy bread chunks, and sugar and spice and everything nice! Instincts needs no introduction; for fresh sweet flavor that satisfies your insatiable dessert cloud cravings, snag a bottle today and keep your tank brimming with delicious flavor, compliments of Grizzly Ejuice by Instincts!