Johnny Creampuff Strawberry Ejuice


Strawberry Ejuice by Johnny Creampuff is a decadent, fresh-out-of-the-oven pastry stuffed with rich strawberry cream. Bite into a warm golden pastry and experience the flavor overflow with every puff as the strawberry cream squeezes out the sides. Enjoy a delicious dessert in eliquid form, perfect for any time of day. Brand: Johnny Creampuff / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Johnny Creampuff Strawberry Ejuice Description Sink your teeth into a warm and flavorful dessert of strawberry cream puffs, where summer strawberries provide the perfect touch of fruit flavor! Johnny Creampuff traveled the countryside, in search of that perfect fruit flavor, but was never satisfied with any of the fruits he found until now. He happened to wander into a sunny strawberry patch, where the ripe red berries looked like priceless rubies in the hot summer sun. Johnny Creampuff eagerly snatched up as many berries as his fingers could reach, stuffing his face with juicy summer flavor in every berry. Once he had eaten his fill, he knew that this was just the thing to add to his world-famous cream puffs. The strawberries were carted back to his bakery, where he crushed the berries into a thick and chunky compote. The strawberry sauce was then added to his sweet and sticky cream puff filling, infusing the warm and flavorful taste of summer fruit into the mixture. He filled up his pastry bag with the strawberry cream filling and lovingly piped it onto a tray full of freshly baked puff pastries. Once the strawberry cream puffs were fully stuffed, he sprinkled some powdered sugar onto each puff. This fresh and fruity take on his original creampuffs were met with great success, and within minutes every creampuff was gone! Treat your taste buds to Johnny Creampuffs eliquid rendition of strawberry creampuffs and float away on a cloud of silky dessert flavor with every puff!