Levels Triumph Ejuice


Triumph is a pleasant vape juice by Levels. This e-juice has the flavor of ripe grapes and candy. Brand: Levels / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Levels Triumph Ejuice Description Triumph has a delicious taste that will impress you with every hit you take. This eliquid has the taste of a blend of fruits and candy. The sweetness of the candy flavor is excellently blended with the ripe grape fruit flavors. This e-juice also has a lasting organic taste that differentiates it from other eliquids with fruits and candy. Triumph is one of those eliquids that is ideal for the summer season. Triumph is a delicate e-juice that will impress vapers with sweet tooth flavors. If you enjoy fruit and candy blends, then there is a chance that you will appreciate this e-juice. The inhale of Triumph is just as impressive as the exhale. This e-juice has the flavor of ripe grapes when you inhale Triumph. This eliquid also has the flavor of candy when you exhale. Triumph has a superb aftertaste with a long-lasting effect that will keep you wanting more.