Loaded Cran Apple Juice Iced Ejuice


Cran Apple Juice Iced Ejuice by Loaded eLiquid brings an icy rendition of the already popular Cran-Apple Juice Ejuice flavor. Feast on frozen apple slices and chilly cranberries as your taste buds chatter with the icy chill in each cloud! Brand: Loaded Eliquid / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol Loaded Cran Apple Juice Iced Ejuice Description Winter brings a harsh and biting flavor to the once beloved fall orchards, where rosy apples now turn to icy snowballs and the tart and tangy cranberries lay frozen on their brambles. But instead of waiting for the fall season to return, Loaded eLiquids made the best of the situation by transforming these frozen fruits into a delicious menthol eliquid! For those of you who prefer the biting kick of a menthol cloud, this eliquid delivers that fresh and fruity flavor with a menacing hit of winter. These arctic apples deliver a sweet and juicy hit of apple flavor, followed by a swift punch of arctic chill that will have your taste buds shivering with delight. The apples are cold and sweet and icy in every bite, offering a delightful change of pace from the summer fruit flavor. But apples arent the only fruit that got hit with winters icy finger… cranberries also serve a purpose in this arctic eliquid. These once tart and sweet cranberries were completely covered with a thick blanket of snow. As much as we tried to thaw them out, the arctic chill was infused in every cranberry. Each cranberry delivers a delicious blast of icy flavor, perfectly complimenting the biting sweetness of the frozen apples. And though these cranberries usually only make an appearance around Thanksgiving, the sweetness of the apples needed something to offset it, so cranberries it was! If youre searching for a sweet yet icy blast of flavor in every cloud, you may have very well found your next favorite all-day vape juice, known as Cran Apple Juice Iced Ejuice by Loaded eLiquids!