Loyalty Wata Mango Ejuice


The Loyalty E Juice developed a new unique flavor of watermelon and mango blended together to make a delicious combination that will surely satisfy your taste buds. Brand: Loyalty / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Loyalty Wata Mango Ejuice Description Have you even heard of watermelon and mango mixture? Well, now you??????ve come to know about it. The Wata Mango from Loyalty is made up of watermelon and mango juices to create a strong, powerful, and tasty e liquid that will fuel your device and bring an aromatic vapor that will rack up your senses. Enjoy a blend of luscious mangoes and watermelon carefully crafted to provide that pure bliss in every pull. As you take in its vapor, you will feel the sweet, smooth taste of watermelon that??????s rushing inside you and as you can??????t hold it any longer, you??????ll have to exhale it fluently and the taste of sweet and sour mangoes will remain in you throat. Note that the throat hit will be smooth and not rough that??????s why you will not get enough of it and you will find yourself pulling one after another. So, don??????t miss the fun and try it out because it??????s a special flavor like no other and it is a must have in your collection.