Milk King Honey Ejuice


Honey Ejuice by Milk King takes you to the promised land of flavor, full of clouds overflowing with creamy milk and sticky honey! Farm fresh cream and golden blossom honey unite in this creamy flavor, crafted by the king of milky goodness! Treat your taste buds to a premium milk and honey eliquid with every puff! Brand: Milk King / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Milk King Honey Ejuice Description Let this premium eliquid transport your taste buds to the promised land of vapor, where luscious streams of farm fresh cream and wild golden blossom honey unite in every cloud! This flavor features fat and rich honeycombs that oozed with clear amber honey, pure and sticky and sweet. Imagine an entire field of honeycombs, dripping with sweet and sticky honey. These honeycombs were carefully gathered and every last drop of honey was harvested from the wax combs. While the honey was left to drip out, overflowing canisters of farm fresh cream are transported from the Milk King dairy farms. Each canister of sweet cream features a smooth and frothy flavor that will have your vape taste buds wild with desire! Honey and milk come together to form a dramatic duo that keeps those insatiable sweet tooth cravings at bay. The honey clings to your taste buds in a sweet wrestle for flavor dominance, while the creamy milk flavor delivers a warm and frothy goodness in every puff. Enjoy a rich and sweet flavor of milk and honey that promises to whisk your taste buds to a milky cloud heaven, all made possible by Honey Ejuice by Milk King!