Nerdy Green Apple Peach Ejuice


Flavor Description Green Apple Peach Ejuice by Nerdy Ejuice has been one of the most sought-after fruit flavored ejuice in the entire vaping industry. Feisty green apples wrestle thick Georgia peaches in a never-ending battle for flavor and cloud supremacy! Savor each delicious cloud with this tropical paradise eliquid! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Full Flavor Description What makes Green Apple Peach Ejuice by Nerdy so great? Sweet Georgia peaches sway softly in a light breeze, enjoying the summer sun when suddenly there??????s nearby heckling from a Granny Smith apple tree on which fruit has the better flavor. The green-with-envy apples boast that the crisp crunchy flavor of tart apples is the winner and that whoever else disagrees is a nincompoop. The soft Georgia peach irritably replies that no one likes to break their jaws and injure their teeth with a rock hard apple that barely gives any juice. Instead, soft and juicy peaches are that sweet fruit that dribbles their juice down the chin is the true test of great flavor, and therefore is the obvious winners. As these two fruits argued, a wise old vape wizard muttered some magic words, and vape-o, presto! The two fruits were transformed into a delicious eliquid, with both flavors complimenting the other as one. The vape wizard chuckled and said, ?????Now everyone can enjoy your flavors equally, and there will be no more quarreling on who has the better flavor.????? It will be up to you as the eager cloud chaser, to see if these flavors really are better together or apart, and which one you prefer over the other. Think your vape taste buds are up to the challenge? Snag a bottle today and keep your tank brimming with flavorful sweet and deliciously scented fruit clouds, compliments of Green Apple Peach Ejuice by Nerdy!