Pachamama Salt Fuji Ejuice


Fuji eJuice by Pachamama invites you to sample the sweetest apple in all of the Fuji islands! Sink your teeth into crisp autumnal sweetness and bathe your taste buds in the silky sweetness of fresh apples. If youre looking for a pure fruit flavor that bursts with simple sweetness in every cloud, this is one nic-salt e-liquid you dont want to miss! Brand: Pachamama Salts / Bottle Size: 30ml / Flavor Type: Fruits, Nicotine Salt Full Flavor Description Trek to the top of the famed Mt. Fuji and discover the secret apple orchards that have made this mountain famous! Every puff of this e-liquid offers an adventure through the clouds, bursting with fresh and juicy apple flavor. Take off your shoes and wander barefoot through the lush grassy mountainside; breathe deeply of that refreshing mountain air. This delicious apple e-liquid wants to take your taste buds on a journey youll never forget, full of smooth clouds infused with fresh apple sweetness. Instead of wishing you could take a vacation and experience this mountainside flavor, try the next best thing with this satisfying apple flavor! On the inhale you feel the sharp rush of crisp fall sweetness, yet on the inhale your taste buds are bathed in the smooth flavor of freshly picked apples. You can almost feel the sticky apple juice dribble down your chin as you sink your teeth into a perfectly ripe fall apple. Each bite is more flavorful and juicy than the last, leaving your taste buds craving just one more puff. Feast on the fresh and powerful flavor of apples and nothing more. Keep your taste buds happy with the delicious apple flavor in every cloud, compliments of Fuji eJuice by Pachamama!