Puff Labs Pink & Blues eJuice (formerly Circus Cookie)


Puff Labs Pink & Blues eJuice (formerly “Cotton Candy by Circus Cookie”) is a compilation of sweet and fluffy cotton candy freshly spun at a circus near you. Feast on freshly spun tufts of sweet sugar on a paper cone as you wander throughout the circus to see the fantastic sights. Enjoy a circus-themed eliquid for days as you munch on soft and sugary cotton candy clouds! Puff Labs Pink & Blues Ejuice Description Remember those awesome mini-vacations where you skipped along at the county fair, or the summer circus, or the mysterious carnival? What was the one flavor that you had to have above all else? Sweet and airy cotton candy! And it wasnt just about the actual cotton candy. It was the thrill of getting such a unique treat as you walked around admiring all of the things that carnivals are famous for. Puff Labs wants to ensure you do remember all of the fun-filled hours and offers a deliciously light and airy bottle of nostalgic memories. This candy-flavored vape ejuice delivers a breathy and gentle hit of perfectly sweetened cotton candy, blended with happy memories, and dumped straight into your tank! Sweet and airy notes of cotton candy are prevalent in every puff, freshly spun from sweet sugar and balanced on a paper cone. This sugary eliquid is just as light and airy as the real thing and presents a deliciously light and airy flavor that your vape taste buds are sure to go wild for. Think your vape palette can take on this carnival concoction? Enjoy a sweet puff of freshly spun cotton candy delight, compliments of Pink & Blues Ejuice by Puff Labs! Puff Labs Pink & Blues Ejuice Information Brand: Puff Labs Type: eJuice Bottle Size: 100ml Ratio: 80/20 Flavor: Sweet About Puff Labs Puff Labs brand is dedicated to giving you some sweet, dessert flavors. Puff Labs is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This company is dedicated to providing the best e-liquids on the market. The e-juice blends in the Puff Labs line are handcrafted with the finest ingredients to ensure you get nothing, but premium vapes. Puff Labs tests its e-liquids extensively before they hit the market. Puff Labs also has other vape juice lines on the market like Psycho and Strange Fruit. The Puff Labs line was inspired by the delicious flavors youll find at the carnival. The first e-liquid in this line was Pink & Blues. The company followed up with a few other impressive blends namely Pink & Whites, White & Browns, White & Yellows, and Pinks. Each one of these e-liquids gives you a bold and authentic taste. Anyone of them could be your next all day vape.