Reds Iced Grape Ejuice


Reds Apple Ejuice Iced Grape Ejuice by Reds Apple Ejuice brings a cold and icy rendition of frozen grapes in eliquid form! Dance among frosty clouds of sweet Italian grapes and ski through an icy avalanche of flavor with this delicious fruit and menthol eliquid! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol Full Flavor Description Get ready to sprint through a winter wonderland of flavor, where snow-capped trestles of fresh Concord grapes await at every turn! This fresh and icy flavor comes from the mountains of the Alps. Brave souls dared to face the harsh winds and whipping snowstorms to gather the frozen grapes that flavor this eliquid. The grapes had been long forgotten in the caverns of the snowy mountains, and have only recently been re-discovered. Treat your taste buds to the crisp and refreshing flavor of frozen grapes, as only Reds Ejuice can offer! Dust off the snow that still remains on each of these bulging clusters and feast on the frosty fruit that promises to both freeze and delight your taste buds at the same time! Whether youre a fruit lover or a menthol craver, this eliquid offers the best of both worlds. Fresh fruit has been frozen to frosty perfection in each 60mL bottle. The taste of Italy and Iceland come together to forge a truly spectacular frozen grape flavor. Feast on the smooth flavor of sweet grapes on the inhale, while the frosty flavor of winter glides over your taste buds on the exhale. For fresh fruit and frosty menthol flavor, check out Iced Grape Ejuice by Reds Apple Ejuice!