Ripe Collection Ice Fiji Melons Ejuice


Ripe Collection Ice Fiji Melons Ejuice by Ripe Collection Ice features the same refreshing blend of sweet, tropical fruits as the original version, only this time it adds a cool, icy finish. Fresh watermelon and juicy apples combine for the perfect base on which the ripe guava gently rests. You have to try thirst-quenching vape juice today, especially in this mentholated version. Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Menthol Full Flavor Description Strap on your snowboard and grab your ski poles, my menthol loving vapers! Were about to take a trip to Mount Fiji, where icy melons, frosty guava, and frozen apples await in snow-covered melon patches! We start with frozen watermelons, cold and sweet and completely covered with a layer of ice. We split the melon open to reveal a cold and frosty ruby red melon flesh, ready to delight your taste buds with a single icy puff! Next, we have frozen guavas, lush with that renowned Colombian flavor. The smooth and frosty green skin is stripped away to reveal a frosty pink fruit center, bursting with delicious sweetness. And finally, we have Fuji apples, perfectly frozen but crisp and juicy with every sweet slice! Cold and sweet apple juice drips from every slice, ready and waiting to launch refreshing flavor in every cloud! But wait! Whats that? Oh no! In digging out the melons to sample their icy sweetness, weve disrupted the snowy mountain! A thundering avalanche threatens to completely cover the freshly carved melons, stripping us from their deliciousness forever! Grab your bottle now before its too late! Fiji Melons Ejuice by Ripe Collection Ice wont be here forever. Race through the mountain ski trails with this sweet melon fruit and icy menthol eliquid today!