Ripe Collection Iced Salts Straw Nanners Ejuice


Ripe Collection Iced Salt Straw Nanners Ejuice by Ripe Collection Ice Salts offers a nic-salt version of fruits favorite duo! Icy strawberries and frozen bananas present a delightfully frosty eliquid, ready to bury your taste buds in an avalanche of flavor! Grab a bottle today and feast on the sweet and icy flavor of freshly frozen fruits in every cloud! Bottle Size: 30mL / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Menthol, Nicotine Salt Full Flavor Description If ripe is the name of the game, then youve come to the right place! In this 30mL bottle of flavor lies the lush flavor of flash-frozen strawberry slices tossed with icy chunks of golden bananas! These sweet strawberries were once the prime choice of fruits in the sprawling fields of summer. Yet soon the kiss of winter settled upon these ripe strawberries, adorning each sweet berry with the delicate lace of the first frost. These cold berries may thaw out eventually, but the icy touch of winter has lain in the berries for far too long! Each fat slice of these winter strawberries bears the crisp flavor of a winter snowfall. But its not just frozen strawberries that dance upon your taste buds…a second icy flavor lies just beneath the surface. Frozen chunks of golden ripe bananas are delicious present in the exhale, ready to bring out your winter monkey! These fragrant fruits are frozen solid and covered with a solid sheet of ice, infusing the icy taste of winters touch in every cloud! Savor the thick and creamy flavor of bananas with the perfect touch of menthol goodness. These two fruits come together to forumulate a ripe fruit and icy menthol, known as Straw Nanners Ejuice by Ripe Collection Iced Salts!