SDMH Purpo Ejuice


Purpo eJuice by SDMH treats your taste buds like royalty with the majestic flavor of freshly picked table grapes combined with a cool, icy menthol finish. Feast on the true flavor of purple, thanks to this grape-scented e-liquid. For those vapers looking for a fruit flavor with a cool exhale, this is one all-day grape vape juice you wont want to miss! SDMH Purpo Ejuice Details Brand: SDMH Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ML Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Menthol/Ice Dance around in an Italian vineyard, where fresh grapes abound at every turn! Fat clusters of plump grapes dangle enticingly within your reach, waiting for your greedy fingers to snatch them from their vines. Once youve gathered as many clusters as you can reach, you pour them into a large vat to be stomped into dark purple grape juice. This rich purple, chilly grape juice is the color of royalty, and your taste buds will feast on the majestic flavor of purple with every icy cloud. The sweet and icy grape juice is then poured into the 60mL bottle you see before you, ready to be transformed into mighty clouds that boast your vast vaping ability. Take a ride on a cloud of grape daydreams, where fresh fruit flavor abounds in both the inhale and the exhale. If youre looking for an icy cool and flavorful vape juice that can easily be vaped all day, take a chance and try this delicious grape ejuice. Your taste buds will love it, your nostrils will thank you, and the sweet clouds of fresh cool grape flavor will follow you around all day! Enjoy a riveting icy cool flavor of freshly pressed grape juice goodness, otherwise known as Purpo eJuice by SDMH!