Simple E-Cool Orange Mango Kiwi Menthol Ejuice


Orange Mango Kiwi Menthol Ejuice by Simple E-Cool delivers the simple flavor of three fruits in a single cloud. Icy oranges, cool mangoes, and frozen kiwis deliver a topsy-turvy vacation that your taste buds will love. Try a triple blend of icy fruits in a single puff! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruits Full Flavor Description Simple may be the name of the game, but Orange Mango Kiwi Menthol says all you need to know about this wickedly good eliquid. Three fruits come together in glorious harmony to create a frosty cloud of flavor that your taste buds will find impossible to put down. We start out with icy oranges, a sheen of icy coating each firm citrus. Split open this frozen treasure and feast on the wintery sweetness, cold and juicy. Its as if Florida found itself in a freak snowstorm, and all of the oranges succumbed to the bitter cold. Next, we have another tropical fruit: frozen mangoes! These chilly fruits were once the pride of the Caribbean, but once winter rolled around, it was only a matter of time before these sweet fruits transformed into icy treats. Carve one of these bad boys in half and drink in the sweet and icy flavor of the islands with every puff. And finally, we have frozen kiwis. Each furry fruit carries a soft blanket of snow, thanks to a flash snowstorm that blasted every kiwi with its icy flavor. The cold green kiwi flesh is still as sweet as ever, but now this flavor gets a touch of winter with every bite. Each of these flavors joins together to form a crisp and clean cloud of icy fruit goodness, all made possible by Orange Mango Kiwi Menthol by Simple E-Cool!