Simple E-Fruit Orange Mango Kiwi Ejuice


Orange Mango Kiwi Ejuice by Simple E-Fruit is a talented combination of fresh fruits that will have your taste buds singing with delight. Sun-kissed oranges, sweet juicy mangoes, and ripe green kiwis cascade from your lips in a thick perfumed cloud. Enjoy the sweetness of fresh fruit, simply made but complexly flavored, perfect for fruit lovers everywhere! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruits Full Flavor Description Skip through a grove of Floridian oranges, the fragrant smell of ripe citrus filling your nostrils and delighting your senses. The trees are laden down with fat oranges, waiting for your eager fingertips to pluck them and strip them of their firm peels. But just a few yards down, there is a magnificent field of mangoes, soft and sweet and oh so juicy. These mangoes are ripe for the taking, their sweet mango juice nearly bursting from ever fruit. A few slices of a sharp knife and that mango juice drips right into your waiting mouth, full of sweet and refreshing flavor. Lastly, we have lush green kiwis. Dont let that fuzzy brown skin deter you from the real treasure within. The deep green kiwi is as flavorful as it looks, the emerald hue making your mouth water as the sticky kiwi juice dribbles onto your fingers. The fresh and exotic flavor of ripe kiwis is nearly enough to drive your taste buds mad with desire, the tangy sweetness full of flavor. Jam all of these delicious ripe fruits into a 60mL bottle, and you might have just discovered what fruit heaven is like! Enjoy these three fresh and ripe fruits, featuring firm sweet oranges, ripe and juicy mangoes, and lush exotic kiwis in every cloud!