The Creator of Flavor 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Flavor Description Donut Cappuccino and Guava Pear Cobbler Ejuice by The Creator of Flavor have been some of the most sought-after dessert and fruit-flavored ejuices in the entire vaping industry. Save a bundle with our two pack and puff on the delicious clouds of candy by The Creator of Flavor for as long as your vape taste buds desire! Bottle Size: 200mL (2x100ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Full Flavor Description What makes The Creator of Flavor 2 Pack Bundle so great? First up, we have Donut Cappuccino. It??????s tough to match flavor with desire, and this flavor brings the heart of the mafia to every rich and bold puff. Take your vape taste buds to a realm of soft and sweet pull-apart donuts, glazed and rich, just like the mafia! But the flavor only intensifies as the underlying flavor bursts forth from the shadows as an angry wave of dark cappuccino attacks your clouds with unmatched ferocity. Sit back and relax as the battle for domination intensifies with every flavorful puff. Who will come out on top? A rich and glazed power hungry dessert, or a bold and dark roasted coffee that quietly waits in the shadows, lurking for its next victim! And finally, we have Guava Pear Cobbler. It??????s a fruit food fight, and your clouds are invited to give the perfect shadow of cover amidst this all out fruit pastry war! Thick slices of Colombian guava are hurled through the air, only to meet their end in a thick pie crust that quickly weaves a crisscross pattern to trap the flavor within! Fat chunks of soft and grainy Georgia pears prefer a more stealthy approach, but alas! They fall short as well, tumbling into a pie tin and meeting their demise in rows of soft and delicate pie crusts. Can your clouds uncover them in sweet and fruity plumes? Only one way to find out!