The Finest Fruit Edition Mango Berry Twin Pack Ejuice


The Finests Mango Berry is a fusion of ripe mangoes and sun-ripened strawberries to create a juice that sends your taste buds into tropical frenzy. Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Full Flavor Description Finest Fruit Edition Mango Berry is a sweet and delicious e-juice. It has a bold, natural taste. This eliquid will enchant your taste buds. Mango Berry is an e-juice for the summer season. It has a juicy and refresh flavor that will delight your palate. The vibrant mango flavor will put a smile on your face when you inhale. As you get accustomed to the sweet taste, you get a rush of delicious strawberry flavor. This adds a mildly sour taste to the blend. This eliquid tastes just like real fruits. This is a well-rounded vape juice with a distinctive taste. Mango Berry is made with top shelf, so it has a bold, natural taste. This can easily be an all-day vape.