Twisted Tongue Strawberry Custard Ejuice


Strawberry Custard eJuice by Twisted Tongue is a sweet and creamy dessert, stuffed with fresh strawberries and thick vanilla custard. Indulge in your sinful dessert cravings and feast on a decadent cloud of freshly baked goodness. Warm strawberries, Tahitian vanilla, and creamy custard unite in this all-day vape juice. Twisted Tongue Strawberry Custard Ejuice Details Brand: Twisted Tongue Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Dessert, Fruit Skip dinner and go straight to dessert, but make sure you save your fork! A smooth and creamy custard is whipped up from fresh eggs, frothy cream, and pure cane sugar. The custard is whisked and boiled and beaten until it reaches that much-desired thick consistency. Next, we add in a few drops of fresh vanilla extract, derived from exotic strands of Tahitian vanilla bean. The smooth and rich flavor of the vanilla is folded into the custard, infusing it with a heavenly scent of sweetness and flavor. But theres a final ingredient that gets added to the custard, and its one you all have been waiting for: strawberries! Hundreds of freshly picked strawberries are brought into the kitchen, their gleaming ruby color glinting in the summer sun. Each sunkissed berry gets crushed into a thick and chunky compote, making your taste buds water with desire. This sweet strawberry mash is poured into the vanilla custard, adding a rich red color and thick strawberry flavor to the decadent dessert. The entire dessert gets baked to a golden brown hue, and is set before your taste buds, ready to twist your tongue with happiness! Sample the sweet and rich flavor of freshly baked strawberry custard, all made possible by Strawberry Custard by Twisted Tongue!