Yami Vapor Gorudo Ejuice


Gorudo Ejuice by Yami Vapor delivers the unique flavor of a perfectly caramelized sweet potato. Embark on a journey of smooth and savory flavor, where candied yams make a delicious eliquid flavor that your taste buds wont want to put down! Try something new in the sprawling world of vape juices. Who knew sweet potato clouds could taste so good? Yami Vapor Gorudo Ejuice Description The word “gorudo” actually means “gold” in Japanese, which tells you just how much Yami Vapor prizes this eliquid flavor! Instead of trying to entice you with sweets and fruits and other dessert flavors, we decided to create an eliquid rendition of your favorite orange holiday dish. Hundreds of sweet potatoes were gathered from the fields, each soft brown tater firm and sweet. Each sweet potato was carefully washed and set to boil on low heat for hours. The sweet potatoes boil to a delicious orange hue and are quickly removed from the boiling water. Once patted dry, the sweet potatoes are peeled, sliced into thick chunks, and mashed into a mouthwatering orange mash. Heaps of sweet butter and brown sugar are folded into the sweet potato mash, creating a buttery sweet mixture, ready to attack your taste buds with savory sweetness. Finally, a blend of caramelized walnuts, more brown sugar, and a dash of pure Tahitian vanilla is carefully spooned onto the sweet potato mash. The ensuing dish features a mouthwatering sweet potato dessert thats worth its weight in gold! Feast on a unique flavor of caramelized sweet potatoes, bursting with warm melted butter and dark brown sugar, compliments of Gorudo Ejuice by Yami Vapor! Yami Vapor Gorudo Ejuice Information Brand: Yami Vapor Type: eJuice Bottle Size: 100ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Dessert About Yami Vapor Yami Vapor is an e-liquid brand that offers many premium e-juice flavors. This US-based vape juice brand makes a variety of e-liquids including fruity, and dessert flavors. All the e-liquids from the Yami Vapor line are delicious. The company makes its e-liquids using top-quality ingredients. Besides Yami Vapor, the other e-liquid lines from this company are Boho Vape, Sugoi Vapor, Juice Dimension, KARMA, and Sengoku Vapor. The flavors in the Yami Vapor series are Juusu, Taruto, Icy Trio, Shaka, Yuki, Mika, Milkgat, Chibi Bar Fruitnola, Gorudo, and Butter Brew.