Yami Vapor Yuki Ejuice


Yuki Ejuice by Yami Vapor delivers a menthol version of your favorite Hawaiian POG vape juice. Enjoy frosty passion fruits, icy oranges, and chilly guava all in one cloud! For a breath of fresh air, try out this mentholated fruit eliquid and freeze your taste buds into oblivion! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Full Flavor Description Lose yourself in a frozen tundra of chilly fruit-scented clouds, the harsh winter winds whipping across your taste buds. Three fruits have been frozen solid in this blustery winter eliquid, bringing a tender fruit sweetness in the inhale, but a chilly breath of December in the exhale. The first of these three fruits is frost passion fruit. Once known for its ability to caress your taste buds with lovingly sweet flavor, the frozen fruit now lights upon your vape palate with a blisteringly cold ferocity. The passion fruit attacks your taste buds with frosty fruit sweetness, ruthlessly keeping your clouds in a shivering wonderland. Next, we have icy oranges. These one smooth and plump oranges have been transformed into icy snowballs, their juicy wedges now sharp with the bite of winter in every slice. Finally, we have chilly guava, cold and sweet and full of icy goodness. These guavas were once the pride of Colombia, but in their chilled frozen state, it becomes evident that these icy fruits come from somewhere much colder! Embark on a journey through the snowdrifts of frozen fruits, each puff wonderfully sweet and juicy at first, and then turning into a cold cloud of refreshment on the exhale!